This is a fictional campaign for Old Style. Old Style, a classic Chicago beer, is in a desperate need of a kickstart back into Chicagoans minds as a great beer for any occasion. Old Style has been off the grid in terms of advertising for awhile now and this campaign brings Old Style back in the game of beer advertising. The objective in this campaign is to bring Old Style back to the forefront of Chicagoans minds as well as to resonate with a younger crowd who is looking for an inexpensive, classic beer through wit and humor.


print ads

Print ads that live in highly populated, public areas depict funny scenarios that are plays on classic cocktails but in Old Style’s true fashion. The print ads utilize emoji-like icons which are super popular with today’s tech obessesed youth. Old Style is poking fun at well-known cocktails to speak to the idea that Old Style is a classic, simple, and effortless unlike today’s craft cocktails.



To match print ads, an emoji keyboard for smartphones was created. Emojis are the new way of communicating for milennials. By installing the free keyboard, smartphone users can engage with Old Style and their peers in a modern and fun way.



copywriter: jesse huyler