In the Spring of 2015, Columbia College Chicago put on their first TEDx conference in the theme of “Creative Momentum”. This was a conference that took months and many dollars to organize as we had to build the conference from the ground up considering we were the first team from our college to put on the conference.

promotional video

2015 logo and speakers

Our team was lucky enough to acquire brilliant speakers from around the country such as designer Matthew Hoffman, NASA project manager Dr. Claudia Alexander, and staff writer for the Washington Post Jackie Spinner.

programs and tickets

Creative Momentum's design was centered around minimalism, a 4 color color scheme, eccentric patterns and sophisticated type.

event signage

Because our event was located in two large venues on campus, large, easy to read signage was a necessity throughout our spaces. 



designers: sarah gardner and hannah theiring

motion graphics designer: melissa oakley

producer: phillip cheng

president and license holder: bronte price